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The Zero B water purifiers are highly regarded for their innovation because the company was the first organization to create and offer reverse osmosis (RO) in India many years ago. Today, the company continues to use the most advanced water purification technology in all of its current products.

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Where Did Zero B Come From?

Zero B water purifiers are produced by the Ion Exchange company in India. Over 40 years of experience in managing the water and the environment in India went into to the process of designing Zero B’s water purifiers. The Ion Exchange company began in 1964 as part of the Permutit company in the United Kingdom. In 1985, Permutit divested their ownership and Ion Exchange became a completely Indian corporation.

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Zero B Products

The Zero B product line includes a wide assortment of water purifiers for individuals and businesses. Many purifiers use reverse osmosis and iodinated resin purification methods. The Zero B purifiers also use activated carbon, ozonation and ultra filtration membrane purification techniques.

Zero B offers 16 products that provide over-the-counter, under-the-counter, wall-mounted models and more. Several of the units do not require electricity. They are all designed to be easy to use and reliable. Some of the Zero B purifiers include:

  • Sapphire – Wall-mounted reverse osmosis water purifier.
  • Intello – Hydro-pneumatic unit that displays exact flow rates and TDS (total dissolved solids).
  • Solar – Non-electric wall-mounted water purifier. A solar cell uses the sun to charge a lithium battery.
  • Ultimate RO – Multi-stage reverse osmosis water purifier for under the counter.
  • Pristine UFCountertop purifier that uses 5-stage ultra filtration process.
  • Pristine and Ultimate RO – Tabletop reverse osmosis purification.
  • Resiline – Can be used mounted on the wall or as a tabletop purifier. Does not need electricity.

Popular Zero B Water Purifiers

Suraksha Plus

Currently, one of the most popular Zero B models is the Suraksha Plus. This water purifier can fit on most types of water coolers. The Suraksha Plus uses a 4-stage filter purification process that can eliminate viruses and bacteria. The filter system also provides energized water that can pick up and remove toxic material from our bodies more effectively than regular tap water.

The Suraksha Plus includes a hand-size meter that can read the total dissolved solids (TDS). TDS is a measurement of all of the organic and inorganic materials that are contained in a liquid.

First, the electrode on the end of the meter will read the amount of ions inside the water. Second, it will translate the amount of ions from the number of parts per million to a whole number that is displayed on the meter.

The Suraksha Plus is one of the newest Zero B models. It works well for small offices, medical clinics or for most families. The water purifier has a very efficient and effective 5-stage process of purification. Other advantages include:

  • No boiling necessary.
  • Stores 15 liters of clean water.
  • Filter dome is simple to clean.
  • Filter dome lasts for a long time.

How Does The Suraksha Plus Work?

Basically, the Suraksha Plus 5-stage filter system operates like the process of reverse osmosis. The Suraksha water purifier cleans the water as the water passes through activated carbon and de-ionizing (DI) resin materials.

What Customers Have Said About The Suraksha Plus

The Suraksha Plus Zero B water purifier is one of the company’s most popular products. Here are some of its strong and weak points according to customer surveys.

Strong Points

  • Very easy to use. The filter easily fits on the top of the water well. The water can be poured directly into the water well to start the purification process.
  • In contrast to reverse osmosis filters, the Suraksha Plus is environmentally friendly because nothing is wasted during the purification process.
  • The water purifier filter system can fit on most types of water coolers.
  • The Suraksha Plus eliminates the hassle of replacing under-the-sink filters.
  • The upper water tank, Zero B Suraksha water purifier and purified water tank are very durable.
  • The price of replacement filters can be reduced to about $12 each by buying filters in packages of 4.

Weak Points

  • Occasionally, the Suraksha Plus may leak whenever the seal between the top water well and the cooler becomes loose.
  • Changing filters needs to done carefully to avoid spilling water and possibly causing a person to slip.

Suraksha On Tap Purifier

Another popular option is the Zero B Suraksha On Tap model. This is a faucet-mounted purifier. It easily fits under most common faucets and is simple to install. The Suraksha advantages include:

  • Supplies 7500 liters of clean safe water.
  • No electricity is required.
  • Uses Zero-B resin purification technique.
  • Conveniently provides clear water out of the faucet.

What Kind Of Contaminants Does Zero B Water Filters Reduce?

There are 4 basic categories of water contaminants including:

  • Organic such as animal and human waste products.
  • Inorganic like salts, metals, chlorides, minerals, fluorides.
  • Micro Biological which includes parasites such as crytosprotidia and giardia.
  • Radiological such as leaking radioactive materials or phosphorus or uranium from mining.

The Zero B water filters dramatically lower the amount of inorganic, organic and radiological contaminants in the water. They include a TDS meter that can test for any undissolved materials. The Zero B purified water can be compared to distilled water without the distilled taste.

Zero B Water Purifier System’s Certification For Chlorine Taste And Odor

Zero B water purifiers are certified to remove chlorine to the extent that it is not detectable on a parts per million level. This certification indicates that you not be able to taste or smell any chlorine because there is little or none in the water.

How You Can Help The Environment By Using Zero B Water Filters

The Ion Exchange company wants to do its part in helping the environment by recycling its used Zero B filters. Customers can return their used water filters to the company and join in the effort of improving our world.

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