Commercial Water Purifiers

Why Buy a Commercially Manufactured Water Filter?

There are several reasons why you should use a commercial water purifier, like a Pur Water Filter, instead of using bottled water or tap water. The differences in taste and cost are exceptionally significant. Also, there is a convenience of having fresh drinkable water in your house instead of having to go to the store for good drinking water. When water filters become an option that you want to explore, there is really no need to look any further than Pur Water Filters.  

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There are several different types of Pur Water Filters. The options range from colors to how the filter sits, to having a filter in a pitcher or dispenser instead of having a filter on your faucet. Pur also has a flavor option that will add a new twist to the convenience of having a water filter directly in your home.

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The Simple Benefits of a Filter, Over Bottled Water

Bottled water has always had a place in the average household. Most people want bottled water for the taste and convenience, yet what people don’t realize is how bad bottled water is for the environment and their checkbook.

  • Water filters are actually 78% less expensive than bottled water per gallon. That percentage adds up to quite a bit of money.
  • Also, the bottles will spend years and years in a landfill and take a lot of space whereas just the filter goes to a landfill and does not take that much space.
  • Although bottled water is already bottled, many of the bottles are not as good for you (assuming BPA is bad for you) than taking five minutes to fill up a BPA-free water bottle.

Clearly, the benefits of a water filter outweigh the benefits of bottled, store-bought water.

Varieties of Pur’s Commercial Water Filters

There are a number of different Pur Water Filters. One type is a faucet mounted water filter. There are both horizontal and vertical faucet mounts. There are also three stage and two stage filters. This means is that the water travels through two stages or three stages of cleaning before coming out of the filter. Both filters come in a variety of colors. These include:

  • Three Stage Mounts-Horizontal {Stainless Steel – $52.69, Chrome – $48.51, White – $48.51}
  • Three Stage Mounts-Vertical {White – $37.67, Chrome – $37.67, Black – $37.67}
  • Two Stage Mounts-Vertical {White – $26.84}

On the faucet mounts there is also a gauge that tells when the filter needs to be changed. The filters filter about 40 gallons of water or about 3 months of water. The filters can be purchased in packs ranging from 1 – 6 filters. The costs are as follows:

  • Three Stage Filters: Six Pack – $77.02, Four Pack – $60.42, Three Pack – $49.29, Two Pack – $36.84, Single – $20.92
  • Two Stage Filters: Two Pack – $24.89, Single – $15.51

Pur also offers a Dispenser Water Filter. It works just as well as a faucet mount but it will go where ever you go. The dimensions of the dispenser are 15 inches along the top and 14 inches along the bottom. The width is 5 ½ inches while the height is 9 ¾ inches. It holds enough water to fill 18 8-ounce glasses of water. It is a two-stage filter but it reduces lead, copper, chlorine, sediment, benzene, and bad taste. It also filters out 99% of microbiological cysts, cryptosporidium, and giardia. The dispenser costs $34.71.

There is another option for a Pitcher Water Filter as well. They hold seven cups of water and are again only a two-stage filter. A regular pitcher that only filters the water runs at $17.43. In addition to a regular pitcher, there is a pitcher that has a LED indicator that runs at $23.53. Filters are also necessary to run the pitchers and dispensers. Again the filters can be purchased in bulk or singly. At the time of this writing, the costs for filters are listed as:

  • Two Stage Dispenser/Pitcher Filters: Twelve Pack – $108.22, Six Pack – $56.27, Three Pack – $29.29, Two Pack – $18.05, Single – $11.76

To add flavor to the water Pur offers a variety of options. There is a faucet mount that will add flavor. This mount costs $52.69. This mount is also a three-stage filter. In addition to the faucet mount there is a pitcher that will add flavor. It holds seven cups of water and is a two-stage filter. This option costs $30.80. For both options filters are required as well as the flavor cartridges. Flavor cartridges are available in packs of two and cost $10.74 for all flavors. The flavors are: Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry, Lemon and Grape.

Pur Water Filters have a variety of options as explained above. They provide convenient and environmentally friendly water that doesn’t cost as much as bottled water in the long run. Clearly Pur Water Filters are a way to “go green” and save a little money.

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