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Tired of having tap water that smells or tastes unusual? Worried about the safety of your well water? Alpha Water Systems Inc. provides trusted water purification services for home or business owners. Alpha recommends having your water tested, and for $45, Alpha’s lab will test your 8-ounce water sample for purity problems.

alpha water purifiersIf you prefer more immediate results, for around $15 – $40 you can purchase a Home Water Analysis kit from your local department store, but for detailed analysis, allow a laboratory or your local health department to conduct a study.

UV Water Purifiers
Alpha provides two water purification methods. The first process employs Ultraviolet (UV) Light to eradicate microorganisms (mold, viruses, bacteria, etc.), which are frequently causes of easily avoidable intestinal illnesses. Because there are no known microorganisms that can survive intense UV light exposure, this method effectively purifies water without using chemical additives that the alter taste, smell or texture of purified water.

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The Trojan UV Max Ultraviolet products ensure microorganism disinfection for the whole house/office. Alpha states that their UV lamps “create light at 254 NM wavelength . . . [killing] all bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, and yeast in your water supply.” Most units come with a 5-year warranty and are easily installed.

  • Alpha’s most inexpensive model is the Trojan UV-MAX C4 Model ($528.80). It treats 14 gallons per minute (GPM). Best for medium-to-larger-sized homes, it has a remote alarm system that can be mounted away from the unit. Its bulb ($95.00) lasts 1-year.
  • The Trojan UV-MAX D4 Model ($656.80) offers the same specifications as Model C4 but provides audio and visual alarms that can be mounted away from the unit. A meter alerts you when the product needs servicing.
  • The Trojan UV-MAX E4 Model ($908.80) has the same specifications as the D4 but treats 28 GPM. Its bulb ($105.00) lasts 1 year. This unit can use “a Solenoid Brass safety shut-off accessory to prevent water flow if your power is turned off” or if the product is offline.
  • The Trojan UV-MAX F4 Model ($1154.40) offers the same product specifications as Model E4 but processes 47 GPM.
  • Alpha also offers a PLUS series of Trojan Models that follow the same specifications as the E4 series, except PLUS units are equipped with UV Intensity Monitors ensuring proper disinfection quality. The D4 Plus Model is $1084.00; the E4 Plus is $1301.60; the F4 is $1551.20. There are also Trojan G4, H, J, and K available in the basic and PLUS packages. Prices vary from $1377.60 – $4383.00. Contact Alpha to receive product specifications.

The compact PRO Model series of Trojan UV Water Purifiers is easily maintained and offers longer life 2-year bulbs. PRO models come with COOLTOUCH FAN technology, a UV bulb, Solenoid Shut Off options, Audio and Visual alarms, and an LED diagnostic display that indicates malfunctions. The following options are available:

  • The UV-MAX PRO 10 Model ($1813.60) treats 10 GPM; services medium-to-larger-sized homes.
  • The UV-MAX PRO 20 Model ($2168.00) treats 20 GPM; services larger-sized homes.
  • The UV-MAX PRO 30 Model ($2679.20) treats 30 GPM; services larger-sized homes.
  • Optional Solenoid Kit for PRO units: $135.00

R-O Water Purifiers
The second method Alpha uses is Reverse Osmosis (or RO) technology. This process forces water through thin membrane filters, eliminating inorganic materials (mercury, aluminum, copper, lead, etc.), and unpleasant odors and tastes. The RO process is safe and cost effective, as it uses no chemicals or electricity. Most units come with a 5-year warranty.

  • Alpha’s REO PURE EC stage series comes with a 4.4-gallon storage tank and all connection accessories. The maximum water temperature processed is 100°F. Maximum water flow is 1 gallon per minute; maximum water pressure is 125 psi; minimum water pressure is 20 psi. You may choose between 3, 4, or 5 stage units. The EC series has a 1-year warranty.

The 25 GPD 3 stage model is $229.00; 4 stage: $259.00; 5 stage: $279.00

  • Pre-filters: $5.95 (change every 6-12 months)
  • Post-filters: $18.95 (change every 1 – 2 years) [4 & 5 stage units need 2)
  • Membrane: $75.00 (change every 4-5 years) [used for well water]
  • In-Line: $12.95 (change every 2-3 years) [used only in 4 & 5 stage units]

The 50 GPD 3 stage model is $249.00; 4 stage: $269.00; 5 stage: $299.00. All filter pricing and durability is the same as listed above except the Membrane, which costs $85.00

  • The 100 GPD 3 stage model is $279.00; 4 stage: $299.00; 5 stage: $329.00
  • All filter pricing and durability is the same as listed above except the Membrane, which costs $95.00 and the In-Line, which is $14.95
  • Alpha’s ROS-5 ($375.00) is small and easily mounted under your sink. It processes 26 GPD. Its four filters should be changed every 1-2 years and uses a 5 stage cleansing process. Water pressure and temperature specifications are the same as the PURE EC model.
  • Prefilters: $5.95 (change every year)
  • Postfilters: $37.50 for two (change every 2-3 years)
  • Top filter: $12.95 (change every 4 years)
  • Membrane: $85.00 (change every 4-8 years)

Alpha’s ROS-36 model ($390.00) offers the same specifications as the ROS-5, but processes 36 GPD. Filter cost and durability is the same as those listed for the ROS-5.

Alpha also offers a Portable Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System ($399.00) for RV’s, travel purposes, or apartment living. Compact, (14” long, 6” high, and 3” wide) and easy to connect, it comes with a protective case, processes up to 75 GPD, and offers a 4-stage filter system.

  • For larger filtration needs, Alpha offers the LP-ES series ranging from $1737.40 – $3495.00. These RO units can process 100 – 550 GPD and are special orders. Contact Alpha for exact specifications.

Alpha maintains high quality standards and exceptional 7-day telephone service. Their website assures customers of discontinued units that light bulbs and filters will always be available, a reassurance for old and new customers alike.

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