Lifesaver Water Purifier

Lifesaver USA has developed a unique water bottle with a filtration system built right into the bottle. The Lifesaver Water Bottle filters microbiological contaminants without the use of any chemicals. Fill it up with water from anywhere: lakes, rivers, ponds, and dirty puddles, all without a thought to contaminants. The Lifesaver Water Bottle cleans the water and makes it safe to drink and can be totally portable.


How does the Lifesaver Water Bottle work? – The bottle works through a 4000UF (services up to 4000 liters of water) or 6000UF (services up to 6000 liters of water) cartridge that is replaceable. This cartridge removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, cysts, fungi and other microbiological pathogens from water. A pre-filter disc protects the Lifesaver’s membrane from debris such as sand, mud, gravel and sticks which gives the cartridge a longer life.

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The Lifesaver Water Bottle also comes with a carbon filter which is made out of activated carbon block and is made to last up to 250 liters. The activated carbon block reduces chemical remains such as pesticides, medical residues, endocrine disrupting compounds and metals such as copper and lead. The carbon filter also removes bad odors and tastes such as sulphur and chlorine. Please note that the Lifesaver does not remove salt from water.

What happens to the contaminants that are filtered out of the water? – All contaminants that the Lifesaver filters out of water are moved to the dirty side of the Lifesaver. These contaminants can be washed away with a front-side wash. They can also be washed away by filling the Lifesaver up with water and then emptying it.

What chemicals are used to clean the water? None. – The Lifesaver Water Bottle works without the use of added chemicals. Unlike other filtration systems that use iodine or other chemical sanitizers (all of which have a bad taste and foul odor) the Lifesaver works without chemicals. All water-borne pathogens are filtered out safely leaving behind sterile water that tastes fresh and smells clean.

How will I know whether the Lifesaver Bottle is still working? – When the Lifesaver Bottle’s cartridge nears its end the bottle will need to be pumped a greater number of times in order to get the water to start flowing. The more pumps the bottle needs the closer the cartridge is to the end of its life. Once the cartridge has expired the bottle will not let any more water to be pumped out no matter how many pumps it is given. This lets the user know that it is time to replace the cartridge.

Water filtration is available when you need it. – The Lifesaver uses a “scoop and go” method which gives you fresh water when you need it. There is no time waiting around for chemicals to work in water that has just been retrieved with the Lifesaver. Just fill the bottle with water, pump it a few times and clean water is available on the spot. The Lifesaver was created to work in any position or angle making drinking a breeze no matter where you are.

There is no over-pressurization. – The Lifesaver Water Bottle was created to handle pressure safely. When the Lifesaver is over-pumped the flip lid will bulge. If more pumping continues, the nozzle is designed to open up and let the water that is under pressure be released. The bottle’s pneumatic action allows the Lifesaver to direct a jet of water unto wounds, washing away contaminants and fragments that might otherwise stick to the wound. This form of irrigation cleans the wound of debris that might cause the wound to become infected.

Were the Lifesaver Water Bottles tested? – Large amounts of micro-organisms (way more than is ever found in natural water – levels were recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency) were added into water and into Lifesaver bottles. Lab reports showed that all of the viruses and bacteria were removed with the Lifesaver Water Bottles. Tap water, pond water and stream water were also tested in response to EPA guidelines that real life situation tests are also administered. The Lifesaver Water Bottles produced clean water every time. Michael Pritchard, creator of the Lifesaver Water Bottle, says, “The smallest bacteria are about 200 nm…in size, the smallest viruses are about 25nm. The holes in Lifesaver membranes are 15nm so nothing is getting through.”

No more carrying around multiple bottles of heavy water. – We all know water is heavy. We also know that we need water. Until now, people carried multiple bottles and canteens on hikes, climbs, camping or places that are not known to have clean water. There is no longer a reason to carry water around with a Lifesaver Water Bottle. One bottle can be used for an entire family on a hike or anywhere else. With the Lifesaver bottle you can collect your water from streams, rock pools and even muddy ditches. If you find yourself in a place where the water is known to have dirty water, there is no reason to worry. Fill up the Lifesaver and clean water is yours for the drinking. You need never be without clean water again.

It is time to be Green. – Our landfills receive over 60 million plastic bottles a day. Every single day. By using the Lifesaver we are not contributing to that number. Another downside to plastic bottles is the amount of oil needed to manufacture them; 15 million barrels of oil are used each year just for plastic bottles. By using a Lifesaver Water Bottle we are being Green and saving money. One plastic bottle lasts us maybe an hour (some people drink it in five minutes), while one Lifesaver Water Bottle can last us a year.

Lifesaver Water Purifiers are the answer to dirty water, emergency preparedness, going green and saving money. Take it with you on outdoor trips, take it to foreign countries, take it everywhere you go. Lifesaver Water Bottles will provide you with clean water wherever you need it and whenever you need it.

Lifesaver uses the term, “Fill. Pump. Drink.” That about covers it.

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