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In 1986, the Pur Company started by making hand-held desalinators. They proclaimed to be the first company to make purifiers that could make seawater efficiently potable.

pur water filtering

Since 1986, the US and the NATO military forces consider the Pur water purifiers as one of the most effective water filtering systems. They also consider Pur desalinating filter systems as part of their standard inventory on their military ships and bases.

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Several years later in 1990, Pur changed their direction to producing purifiers for campers to use with river and lake water. More consumer products followed when a breakout of intestinal parasites was discovered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s drinking water in 1993. The parasites were crytosprotidia cysts. The Pur company quickly began to manufacture purification filter systems for the private homes in Milwaukee. Pur has continued to sell household water filter products across the US ever since.

Today, Pur is an industry leader in water purification systems. Their products are different than other water filter products because the Pur design is the only one that prevents the crytosprotidia parasite from getting into household drinking water. Pur is also unique because it is the original company that made peach, raspberry and strawberry flavored water cartridges.

Since the early 1990s, Pur makes water purification systems for private homes. Their home products include faucet-mounted units, under the sink and countertop models, water dispensers and filtered pitchers.

The Pur household water purifiers have always come with the company’s trademarked “Automatic Safety Monitor Gauge”. This gauge will turn off the filtering system whenever an individual replaces the filter. The Pur self-monitoring filters will notify the individual when it is time to change the filter.

Top Rated Pur Water Filters

The top rated Pur water filters include the FM-9400 faucet-mounted 3-stage filter, the DS-1800 2-stage filter water dispenser and the CR-6000 2-stage filter pitcher.

The Pur FM-9400 Faucet-Mounted 3-Stage Water Filter

Individuals that are concerned with decreasing the wide variety of contaminants in their drinking water should know that this 3-stage purification filter system is certified by the NSF not-for-profit organization to consistently reduce at least 30 contaminants. In particular, the filter eliminates common intestinal parasites such as giardia and chryptosporidium.

  • The Pur 3-stage system also filters out another dangerous substances including trihalomethanes. This substance is a poisonous chemical compound that is usually made of methane and halogen and is used for refrigerants. The 3-stage system also helps to prevent insecticides, lead, herbicides, mercury and asbestos.
  • The results of the tests performed by the Pur company indicated that the 3-stage water filter eliminated 99% of a dozen pharmaceuticals. The Pur 2-stage water filter eliminated 96%.
  • The Pur FM-9400 3-stage filter is easy to attach to a faucet and does not require any tools. It is also simple to switch out an old filter for a new one. However, you will only need to change the filter every 3 months or after you have filtered a hundred gallons of water.

Even though several customers have appreciated the fact that the 3-stage faucet-mounted filter provided more convenience than a 2-stage countertop dispenser model, some consumer reviews on Amazon.com have complained that the faucet model’s housing tended to leak.

ConsumerReports.org and GreenGuide.com recommended the Pur 3-stage horizontal faucet filter. Consumer Reports made its recommendation after comparing the Pur water filter to 3 other faucet-mounted filters that were included among different 26 filters. The GreenGuide.com based their recommendation on the NSF certification and named the Pur FM-9400 as one of their greenest products.

The FM-9400 filters cost around $49 and purify 100 gallons of water. Replacement filters sell for about $21. A package of 6 filters costs around $77 or $12.84 for each.

The Pur DS-1800 2-Stage Water Dispenser

Many customers choose the Pur 2-stage water dispenser because it can provide cool water from the top shelf of a refrigerator and can contain 4 liters of purified water. The Pur 2-stage dispenser is easy to refill because can fit in the kitchen sink.

  • The 1st stage of the filtering system eliminates the copper, lead and additional hazardous minerals from the water. Stage one also reduces the bad taste and smell that may come from chlorine and various other chemicals. The 2nd stage uses a pleated micro-filter material to get rid of 99.99% of the unfriendly microorganisms such as crytosprotidia and giardia cysts.
  • The water dispenser operates identically to the faucet-mounted filter with the additional ability to be moved. Some individuals that can not carry 4 liters of water can fill the water dispenser halfway and still obtain a good supply of purified water.

The Pur DS-1200 2-stage water dispenser sells for about $35. A single replacement filter costs around $12. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a 12-pack for close to $108 which is $9 per filter.

The Pur CR-6000 2-Stage Pitcher

The Pur CR-6000 2-stage water pitcher is considered a “Best Value” by GreenGuide.com. This pitcher holds 7 cups of purified water. Although it has greater mobility than the larger water dispenser, many customers would rather use the dispenser because it can contain 4 liters of water and does not need to be refilled as often. However, the pitcher is much lighter to carry.

  • Similar to the water dispenser, the pitcher uses a 2-stage water filtering method. In the first stage, it uses activated carbon to get rid of sediment and toxins and a specific ion exchange resin to reduce the amount of lead and copper. During the second stage, the micro-filter material blocks 99.99% of parasitic microorganisms in the same manner as the dispenser and faucet models.
  • The Pur pitcher sells for around $18 and uses the same type of filter as the water dispenser.

The Pur faucet-mounted water filter, water dispenser and the water pitcher may seem more costly than other types of filters but this may to due to their convenient self-monitoring ability. No matter which one you may choose, Pur can save you from buying large quantities of water bottles and from spending more money on less effective brands.

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