UV Water Purifiers

Water purification refers to the act of cleansing water by removing waste products, bacteria, chemicals, or other contaminants. This is generally done so that water is safe to drink. While many people choose to purchase bottled water, this can quickly become very costly. However, since tap water tends to include traces of chemicals and other contaminants, many people realize the need for a home water purification system.

 ultraviolet water purification

One type of water purification is called UV, or ultraviolet, purification. UV water filters have become very popular due to their effectiveness and the pleasant tasting water they produce. For those interested in obtaining such a water filter, they have many options of prices, brands, and styles to choose from.

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What Is a UV Water Purifier?

UV, or ultraviolet, water purification is a technique used to purify water to make it suitable to drink. This is done by using ultraviolet radiation, which is a type of high-energy light, to inactivate bacteria and disease causing agents within the water. UV water filters feature a special lamp that gives off the UV rays and directs the wavelengths so that they thoroughly cleanse the water.

While people are advised to limit their UV exposure, UV water purification is completely safe. The UV rays that are used will not penetrate the materials of the water filter. Therefore, those within close proximity to the water filter will not be exposed to these UV rays.

How UV Water Purifiers Differ From Other Water Purifiers

There are many benefits of choosing an UV water filter. The first benefit is that no chemicals are added to the water during the purification process. This not only ensures that the water is chemical free, but eliminates the chance that the water will taste or smell slightly of chemicals.

In addition, UV purification does not require the water to be heated, which can change the composition of the water. UV purification is an effective means of purification that ensures the purest drinking water possible.

Styles Of UV Water Filters

There are a few different styles of UV water filters. One option is a water purifier that can be installed underneath a sink. These UV water filters are attached to the pipes that supply water to a faucet. While these water filters are generally used in household or restaurant kitchens, they can also be used in boats and recreational vehicles. The advantage to these UV water filters is that water is automatically purified every time the attached faucet is turned on, which is extremely convenient.

One great UV water purifier that is installed underneath a sink is the Pura UVB-2 EPCB UV Ultraviolet Undersink Drinking Water Filter. This water filter retails for approximately $470.00 and is one of the best filters on the market. This UV water filter provides great tasting water, while effectively removing bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants from the water. This water filter is also surprisingly easy to install and will provide customers with up to two gallons of pure, filtered water a minute.

Another option of UV water purifier is a counter top water filter. These water filters are plugged into an electrical outlet and are also attached to a facet, generally in a kitchen setting. To use this type of water filter, the user simply turns on the faucet and flips a switch that re-directs the water flow into the water filter. These water Purifiers are one of the most common options and are both convenient and generally affordable.

A great counter top filter is the PuriTeam CT-UV UV Countertop Water Filter With Transparent Filter Housing. This water filter uses UV purification, as well as carbon block filtration, to provide customers with 100% pure drinking water. This water purifiers retails for approximately $190.00 and includes a lifetime warranty on the filter housing. This water purifiers is also very easy to install, simply requiring attachment to the water line.

UV Water Purifiers: Popular Brands

While there are a wide variety of UV water purifiers on the market, there are a number of popular brands that are known for providing high quality products. Some of these brands are PuriTeam, Aquafine, Pura Water Products, Everpure, Aqua Ultraviolet, and Aquasana. These brands have become popular through their fair prices, great customer service, and dependable products.

UV Water Purifiers: Average Prices

UV water purifiers greatly vary in price. However, counter top UV water filters are generally less expensive than those installed underneath the sink. Counter top water filters vary in price, but generally retail anywhere from $150.00 to $500.00. These prices range from brand to brand, and also depend on the style and design of the filter itself.

Under the counter UV water purifiers also range in price. Prices for these types of purifiers usually range anywhere from $150.00 to $1,000, though they may be found priced even higher. These prices vary due to whether the purifiers is meant to provide one faucet or an entire house or building with pure water. A purifiers that provides pure water to one faucet will generally cost much lower than one that is able to provide pure water to an entire house or structure.

Who Can Benefit From Using UV Water Purifiers?

Almost every household can benefit from installing a water purification system. A water purification system will ensure that customers, and their families, are consuming pure and healthy drinking water. Drinking impure water may lead to illness, disease, and poor health. A water filtration system is a great way to eliminate a family’s exposure to contaminants in their drinking water, and therefore, exposure to disease and chemicals.

In addition, purchasing a water filtration system will quickly pay for itself. These filtrating systems eliminate the need for bottled water, which can easily cut costs in a matter of months. If you and your family are interested in improving the quality and taste of your water, a UV water purification system may be the perfect addition to your household.

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