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We all know about the many benefits of water. We have all been told to drink more water; recommendations are around 8-10 eight-ounce glasses a day. Our brains consist of 90% water and our blood is 83% water. Water helps move nutrients and oxygen to our cells, moisturizes our lungs, regulates our body temperature and protects our joints, to name just a few of the many things we have come to accept as fact.

solar water purifiers

It is easy to get water in most of the United States; we can turn on a tap, draw from our wells or buy bottles of clean drinking water. But what about when we are primitive camping, hiking, climbing or kayaking? There is only so much water one can carry when hiking or sitting in a kayak. And how about outside of the United States? A large portion of the world does not have clean drinking water. Some of these places have muddy water, some have stagnant water and others have run-off pollution in their water. How then can we help those in need of drinking water get some? With solar water purifiers.

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How do Solar Purifiers Work?

Solar water purifiers work by using sunlight to change contaminated water into fresh-smelling, good-tasting and safe drinking water. There are many solar water purifiers on the market and they all work a little differently. What they all do, however, is collect water in some kind of covered bin. As the sunlight raises the temperature of the water, the water is vaporized and leaves the contaminants behind. The water goes through condensation under the glass or plastic cover and drops of water collect in a pure water channel. The drops are then delivered into a clean bin from which we can then drink clean water.

The SteriPEN for Outdoor Use.
Hikers and campers know the benefits of a good water purifier. Lots of water purifiers require chemicals which, frankly, our bodies do not need more of. Solar water purifiers can provide people in the wilderness with clean drinking waters with something as simple as the SteriPEN. The SteriPEN is a portable water purifier that works by using ultraviolet light to kill waterborne microbes and pathogens.

The SteriPEN kills viruses and bacteria. It destroys protozoa such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The SteriPEN, which weighs only 4 ounces, can purify up to 16 ounces of water in under 50 seconds. The SteriPEN was tested in the wild by Everest climbers and Appalachian hikers and proven to work every time. Hikers, campers, climbers and kayakers can now enjoy 3 liters of clean water for more than 7 years. Clean and safe water for about $100.00 is a bargain any way one looks at it. This easy-to-use solar purifier can also be purchased with a solar charging case for around $150.00. Another benefit is the small size; slip it into a day-pack or a pocket and you are good to go.

Up-and-Coming Solar Water Purifier.
Campers can one day use the Solar Water Purifier designed by Gregoire Vandenbussche. Although not on the market yet, Vandenbussche’s design will be swept up by eager campers one day. This water purifier is also very easy to use. Simply place dirty water into the black compartment which soaks in sunlight and creates vapor. Bacteria are destroyed, contaminants stay in this area and purified water droplets move to the glass area. Small enough to take camping, yet large enough to provide several glasses, this water purifier will be a favorite.

Purified Water at Home.
Charity Rotary International has designed a water purifier that can work in the backyard and provide clean water for home use. The unit contains 32 square, shallow trays that are connected through a form of weaving. Contaminated water fills the trays. Sunlight shines into the glass-covered trays and heats the water to a temperature of 85 degrees F. The water condenses and runs into the collection container. The contaminants are flushed away into an overflow channel. The unit produces up to 3 liters of water a day. The water output can be maximized if the unit is correctly positioned. Rotating the water purifier about every thirty minutes (tracking the sunlight) will increase the water output by as much as 30%. For even more water, several sets of trays can be used together. People with bad-tasting, or foul-smelling, water can now enjoy clean water in their homes without the need to purchase water bottles, thus saving money and not contributing to our already full landfills

Helping to Get Water to Those Who Need It.
More than 1.2 billion people have no access to drinkable water. For these larger problems there is the Aqua Sun Water Purifiers. These water purifiers are portable and provide clean drinking water to areas that are remote. The systems are able to purify water from fresh water sources such as creeks, rivers, lakes, streams and puddles. These systems can purify up to 100 gallons of clean water a day and are good for isolated villages where clean water is not available.

The SunRay 3000 Solar Water Purifier and Desalinator was also created with villages in mind. Powered by the sun, or wind, the SunRay 3000 uses reverse osmosis membranes to clean any water source including sea water, brackish water, water with chemical pollutants and water that has minerals or heavy metals in it. One unit can produce 3000 liters of water a day. For villages that require more water, additional units can be used. The units are easy to install, involve low maintenance and are corrosion-resistant.

Solar water purifiers are a safe alternate to clean drinking water. They are economic in the long run as well as being “green”. No chemicals need to be used, no electricity is wasted, no water needs to be purchased, there is nothing to go to landfills and no oil is being used in the production of plastic water bottles. Using solar water purifiers has many benefits including saving money, aiding in better health and helping the world all at the same time.

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