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In this new age of health and body information, we as a society are discovering the importance of clean and fresh water and the impact on our bodies if we don’t have access to it.  It’s incredibly tough to visualize or understand the necessity of clean, filtered water unless you are in a situation where water is either scarce, or the water available is so full of germs and bacteria that you are unable to drink it. Third world countries are constantly dealing with disease ridden individuals that drink bacteria-laced water because they have nothing to filter it.

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Berkey is a company based in Arlington, Texas, that builds water purifiers specifically for the harshest circumstances and to provide quality water. Berkey products are extremely durable and designed for emergencies and cases where electricity, water pressure, or access to clean water is unavailable. The systems are also strong enough for day-to-day use. What is most important is the quality of water that is filtered through the system, and Berkey claims that it can filter the color out of water filled with red food coloring. The extremely powerful filtration system removes viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites and all nonessential minerals while still maintaining the minerals that your body needs to survive and remain healthy. It’s strong enough for third world countries and germ infested water in the most distant and secluded areas possible. They’re great for camping trips and cabins far away from any sort of civilization as well as volunteer trips to third world countries.

More About Berkey’s History and Products 

Berkey water purifiers are set apart in a few regards: convenience, portability, price, durability, and Berkey’s unique history, which has allowed it to remain at the top of the industry for years. The construction of Berkey purifiers allow them to be assembled in minutes. Their unique size and ease of use allows for portability unheard of in most purifiers, making them perfect for camping trips, vacations, hunting trips, and on boats and RVs where a healthy, pure water source is necessary at any time and in the case of any emergencies.

Berkey systems are relatively inexpensive, with many systems beginning at $260, while travel sized purifiers start at only $220 for a storage capacity of 1.5 gallons. With the ease of use and low maintenance required, the consumer can save a lot of money over the long run compared to other similar systems. The unique design allows for easy removal of the filtration accessories and elements for cleaning and replacement, so you only have to purchase one system.

Berkey Products: Beautifully Efficient and Popular

Aesthetically speaking, the Berkey water purifiers come in a slick, high-grade polished stainless steel container that adds an attractive look to wherever you choose to place it. Many other purifiers care less about appearance, but Berkey systems even allow you to place it in your kitchen or home while still being durable and rugged enough to perform the job.

Berkey water purifiers are known the world over for quality and reliability. It has been used by relief organizations such as UNICEF, the Red Cross Societies, the Peace Corps, missionaries, and relief workers in over 140 countries worldwide.

Most water purifiers are built relatively similar, but Berkey systems are built specifically for harsh environments and for easy deconstruction for cleaning and part replacement. To use the system, unpurified water is poured into the upper chamber where it flows through the filtration system and heavy chemicals such as lead and copper are gathered and seperated. Various forms of bacteria and viruses are also removed in stages as the water is pushed through the various purification elements. The clean water is then collected in the lower chamber where it can be pulled through the spigot and drank immediately or used for cooking.

Some Additional Considerations

There are negative aspects of the Berkey system as well. It does need to have water poured into the upper chamber and takes time to be purified. There are faster purifiers available, though the quality is not as guaranteed. Also, systems such as reverse osmosis machines and purifiers are connected straight to the plumbing or other type of water source and is always on tap so that you don’t need to pour water to get water. It simply takes from the existing plumbing and stores it until you are ready. It also doesn’t store the water cold. Filters like the Brita system allow you to fill a pitcher and place it in the fridge to have cold, filtered water. The PUR system, which attaches directly to the faucet, allows you to choose the temperature of the water directly, as it is filtered before leaving the faucet.

How Much do Berkey Water Filter Systems Cost? 

In terms of pricing, the Berkey system is relatively inexpensive for the quality of the product. Brita and PUR water systems cost under $50 and reverse osmosis purifiers are only slightly higher than $100 and don’t provide the same quality as a Berkey system. Plus, very few are as rugged and built to purify the type of water Berkey systems can. Many other systems need to be completely replaced very often, both the filters and the systems themselves. Cheaper systems don’t allow you to disassemble the system and clean the filter, requiring you instead to purchase all-new filters and parts.

Berkey water systems are available either directly through the manufacturer or through another retail outlet, although purchasing from Berkey is advised as you then have access to customer support, and can assist you with any questions or concerns. However, purchasing through online retailers allows you to search for the best deal. Sites such as and outdoor suppliers such as have a wide selection of Berkey products.

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