Best Home Faucet Tap Water Purifiers

The best home faucet tap water purifiers are the ones that will do a good job in filtering contamination in the tap water. They should also be cost effective for long term usage.

best tap water filters

There are faucet tap water filters ranging in price from as low as $20 to even more than hundreds of dollars with some brands. It’s good to know that a faucet tap water filter on the cheaper side does not necessarily mean cheaper quality. Faucet filters from Crystal Quest are one of the best in quality as well as one of the cheapest on the market.

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The number of contaminants that live in tap water is estimated to be more than 2000. Severe contamination can also be a result of rusty pipelines and old plumbing within households. While water suppliers and government authorities try their level best to remove contamination in tap water, it is not guaranteed that the water you get are free of risk and diseases.The increased risk of Alzheimer’sĀ and certain types of cancers are thought to be caused by tap water contamination.

  • Initial cost of the unit

A faucet tap water purifier can be a great solution for a cost effective way of producing water that tastes like spring water. As water purifiers need to be replaced regularly, the cost is an important aspect in choosing the right one. However the priority should be to find the most effective faucet purifier that is capable of eliminating the most contamination.

  • Cost of replacement cartridges

The cost of replacement cartridges may vary depending on the brand and the model. However, you should know the price before committing to a purchase, because cartridges for some brands are more expensive than the filter unit itself. Looking at the prices, Crystal Quest faucet purifiers seem to cost even less than a cent per gallon.

  • Lifetime of the cartridges

Usually a faucet tap water filter has to be changed every 2 to 3 months on average. Lifetime of the cartridge is very important because if you fail to change them on time, the cartridges themselves can cause contamination. This can increase health risks. Cartridge lifetime is given in gallons of water per cartridge, so it actually depends on how many gallons of water you will use during a certain period of time. Remember, this is only drinking water we are talking about.

  • Overall ongoing cost per gallon

Depending on the price and the lifetime of the filter cartridge, you are able to calculate the cost per gallon. This means you can narrow the cost down to compare several brands and models in order to select the most cost effective water purification solution to suit your needs.

  • What contaminants are removed?

Tap water contains all sorts of contaminants including aluminum, lead, mercury, chlorine, by-products of chlorine , nickel, chemicals such as insecticide and pesticide, organisms like cysts and plenty other dangerous compounds; not to mention the rust and dirt from the pipelines. You are looking to minimize the inclusions at least by 95%, that way the health risks are reduced by the same amount, too. It is best to find out which filter is effective against what, since the water purifying mechanisms are not the same in all faucet filters.

  • The filtering process

Most faucet tap water purifiers follow a similar mechanism, where they split the process by filtering the water in stages. For example, the Crystal Quest faucet filter purifies the water in 5 stages. This is one reason for Crystal Quest to be effective against most contaminants found in tap water.

  • The all important diverter switch

It is useful if your faucet tap water purifier has a diverter switch where you can turn off filtering and use unfiltered water when you need to. Because you don’t need filtered water to clean dishes or wash your hands, a diverter switch may be an important feature that you might want to consider when you purchase a faucet tap water filter.

  • The look and feel of the filter

Water filters come in different designs, sizes and looks. You may want to find the perfect match to the location where you want to install the unit. But appearance should not be given top priority, although there is a diversified range of selection from all the top manufacturers. Ultimately, a tap water purifier should filter tap water, make the water taste better, and encourage you towards better health. It does not necessarily need to be attractive.

Meet Your Needs with Value Thru Careful Shopping

Crystal Quest faucet filters fulfill almost all of the features discussed above. However, there are many other brands who compete well for their share of the market. A couple of the more established brands are Brita and Aquasana. If you are on a budget, Brita might not suit your needs. Aquasana has a reasonable price range on its products and claims a higher percentage of purification as well.

As with any purchase, the ultimate concern should be to get the best value for your money with a product that meets your needs. If you follow the above guidelines you’ll be sure to put your hands on of the best available home faucet tap water purifiers to suit your needs.

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