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Affordable Countertop Water Purifiers – Clean Drinking Water In Every Glass

Clean drinking water is a basic component of human survival. Unfortunately, what comes out of our tap is not always as clean as it should be.

Old pipes or faulty city processing systems can leave minerals and other impurities in our drinking water that affect the taste and could even cause sickness or infection. This is especially true if you have a baby in the house. A newborn’s immune system is still developing its defenses. In our water supply, there are bacteria that may be harmless to adults but could cause harm to a developing child. Even if you can’t change the source of your water, you can filter out most impurities with countertop water purifiers.

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You may think buying bottled water is a good solution to this dilemma, but when considering the impact on the environment of disposable plastic bottles and the price, you will find a purifier is a better option. In fact, using many of the filters listed here will produce the same amount of water found in 16,000 half-liter plastic water bottles that end up in a landfill after use!

We have reviewed some of the top brand name purifiers to make your water crystal clear and healthy.

Aquasana AQ-4000 Countertop Water Filter

Price: $99.99
Replacement Cartridge: $48 / 500 gallons

The Aquasana AQ-4000 is an affordable countertop water filter that connects to the end of the faucet nozzle and routes the water through a filtering system and back out to the faucet. The filtration system has a duel-action approach of using carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtering. Thanks to this system, the AQ-4000 removes almost all common impurities from the water supply including lead, chlorine, and chlorine-resistant parasites.

The AQ-4000 is not designed to provide high-pressure water supply, but if you run it at medium pressure, it should be a very cost-effective solution for your household. The AQ-4000 is the best option for removing the highest number of impurities possible. It can filter even rare bacteria and virus components the other filters miss.

Pur Plus FM-3000 Vertical Faucet Filter

Price: $49.99
Replacement Cartridge: $20 / 100 gallons

The Pur FM-3000 attaches to end of your faucet with no tubes or wires to be found. It is a little bit bulky, and may bother you if your faucet does not have much vertical space between itself and the sink. The Pur FM-3000 filters out most common impurities and sediments and can also be bypassed when you need normal water. The FM-3000 has impressive water pressure in comparison with other models. If you don’t want to wait a few minutes for your filtered water to fill up, this model is for you. You will notice the pressure goes down once the filter is almost used up, but the FM-3000 has a LED indicator that blinks to let you know when its time to change the filter. Filters come in six packs and you will want to keep a good supply on hand since a 100 gallon filter may only last you a month.

Watts 500315 Counter-Top Drinking Water Filter

Price: $45.00
Replacement Cartridge: $10 / 1000 Gallons

The Watts Counter-top Model is very basic and easy to set up. It does not remove all possible bacteria types but takes out sediment, lead and chlorine. It has a fairly small footprint of counter space and is completely portable. You could use this at a camp site or hotel room thanks to the plethora of faucet adapters that are included. Replacement cartridges are cheap and go a long way.

Brita On Tap Filtration System

Price: $34.95
Replacement Cartridge: $20 / 100 gallons

For those without a lot of counter space and not a lot of money to spend on a fancy filtration system, the Brita On Tap filtration system is just what you need. This small filter screws right onto your faucet. No tubes or wires needed! This filtration system will take out the most common impurities such as lead and chlorine as well as harmless sediments that can affect taste.

The Brita filter does not remove chlorine-resistant parasites. You can easily bypass the system for washing dishes as well. The downside of the Brita On Tap is that you will go through replacement cartridges quickly. But since they are not expensive, keeping a few on hand easily fixes this problem.

Since water is such a vital part of our life, investing in a countertop water purifier is certainly worthwhile. Be sure to calculate how much you’d really be spending on replacement cartridges to have a clear understanding of what is best for your family. Remember, local water testing results should be available to all home owners. Obtaining these will help you find out just how good or bad your local water supply is and if you need a higher quality filter. With a countertop purifier, you can rest easy knowing your family is getting clean, fresh and delicious water in every glass.

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