Ionized Water Purifiers

Ionized or ionic water is made when water undergoes electrolysis, separating it’s alkaline and acid content. These two different kinds of water are said to posses various good qualities. There are of course several different kinds of ionized water purifiers available from different companies, ranging from large industrial sized ones to little portable ones.

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Water Purifier Brands for Ionized Water

The KYK Genesis Water Purifier

Considered by many to be the best on the market, the benefits of the KYK Genesis include:

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  • Touch screen controls including flow rate
  • A double filtration system that adjusts the ionization to the the mineral content of the water.
  • Platinum coated titanium electrode plates that make for stronger ionization.
  • A lifespan of 30 years or more due to a switch mode power supply system.
  • An auto diagnostic system that tells you when it needs water or filter changes.
  • Microscopic chips built into the filters to monitor filter contamination levels.

Things to be careful of, regarding the KYK Genesis:

  • It’s non UL certified.
  • Has high filter costs.
  • Has non true MESH plates.
  • Has no under counter application.

The price of a KYK Genesis Purifier is around $1,600 and replacement filters are $65.

The Jupiter, Orion and Aquarius

The Jupiter, Orion and Aquarius are all virtually the same except for different shells. The benefits include:

  • A 9 step single body, multi-stage filler system that filters the the water.
  • A double-action reverse cleaning system known as DARC, which combined with the 9-stage filter, should remove any scale-buildup on the titanium plates, increasing the lifespan of the unit and the cleanliness of the water.
  • A voice indicator that alerts you to your selection of either alkaline, acidic or purified water. This can be switched on and off and the level adjusted accordingly.

But be wary of the following:

  • High filter costs.
  • A transformer power supply.
  • Mediocre pH and ORP readings.

The average price of a Jupiter, Orion or Aquarius is around $1,795, replacement filters are $70.

The Tyent

This units control system is run entirely by CPU chips that adjust the conditions to provide the proper amount and quality of water. This system will also tell you when to replace the filters and has automatic cleaning, an LCD screen and multi-stage water purification. The Tyent usually costs $1,995, replacement filters are $85.

The Gold Fox

The Gold Fox ionizer features an LCD screen display of pH level and ORP in color, 6 platinum titanium electrodes(built to last at least 10 years) and can be used with any water source. The Gold Fox is generally less expensive than other ionizers, with the average price around $1,000.

Portable Water Ionizers

Portable ionizers are far less expensive than installed ones, however they only provide single servings of ionized water and are best for when on-the-go.

  • The Waterman H2Go Portable – The Waterman H2Go Portable is 7″ tall, contains between 16 to 20 oz of water and has its own filter that will purify tap water. Each filter lasts about 90 days and replacements are sold in packs of 3 for $45.95. The Waterman H2Go is priced around $64.95.
  • The Alkapod – This water dispenser filters water using 13 different minerals, allowing for a highly concentrated ionizing process. The price of an Alkapod is around $139, while replacement filters are 39.95.
  • The IonPod – The IonPod portable alkalizing water bottle is made of stainless steel. Its filter contains silver and antibacterial ceramic spheres which allow for a very thorough distillation process. The price of an IonPod is $40, replacement mineral pods are $19.95 and last about 12 months.

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