Homemade Water Purifiers

Potable water is a commodity that is badly needed by millions of people today. In the United States, the issue of water purification remains as essential as ever. Water purifiers are sold to millions of American homes. For people who find that water purification is needed but beyond their current financial means, homemade water purifiers can provide some of the benefit of professionally-made water purifiers. In fact, a water purifier can be made at home with some simple materials at very little cost.

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Basic Design of a Homemade Water Purifier

In essence, a water purifier takes raw water and processes it so that can be consumed by humans safely. Thus, a water purifier in its simplest form must consist of an intake, a filter, and an outtake. This basic design can be modified by installing multiple filters designed to remove different contaminants. It is important to note that while water filters are the most important component of a water purifier, strictly speaking a water purifier is different from a water filter.

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When it comes to the actual construction, two lines of thinking call for different options. One says that the components should be bought pre-fabricated from manufacturers, the other says that components can be made from materials found around the house.

Before making a water purifier, it is best to have the water coming into the house analyzed by a laboratory. It may be expensive to do this, but it is the only way to know for certain what kind of contaminants are present, and thus what kind of water treatment is necessary.

Professional water treatment centers utilize many methods of water purification, such as flocculation, which renders the water clear and colorless. Flocculation is too expensive to use at home for most homeowners. A common method is to use activated carbon in order to filter out basic toxins from municipal water. Activated carbon is made from charcoal. It filters water based on its incredible absorption power; activated carbon primarily removes organic compounds that relate to taste.

How To Make A Homemade Water Purifier

Making a homemade water purifier involves constructing a filter and a bottle or container to hold the purified water. This kind of device is going to be complicated because of the different methods involved.

  1. First, boil the water in question at one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit. This is a good first way to get rid of microorganisms like bacteria as well as some toxins; it will destroy all bacteriological organisms within thirty minutes. Municipal water is known for containing multiple toxins as well as harmful chemicals, so boiling it is a start towards purification.
  2. Next, use activated carbon to purge the water of further toxicity. Since activated carbon must be purchased in filter form, the filter or filters must be bought beforehand. Place the filter or filters in a container such as a pitcher. Pour the boiled water into the pitcher and secure the lid. Let the water sit in the pitcher for about half an hour, then slowly pour it out into another container.

There should be a significant difference between the boiled water and the filtered water.

For most homeowners, this process will be enough to result in clean, clear water. If they still feel that the water needs to be purified, the one option that remains is to purchase an ultraviolet filter from a local store. Ultraviolet radiation purifies the water even further by killing the remaining microorganisms too hardy to be killed by boiling or filtered by activated carbon.

Final Considerations: It’s Easy and Affordable

After being treated in the above manner, water is considered purified by most professional organizations. It is unlikely that any toxins or dangerous microorganisms remain after going through such a process. The homeowner can relax because they have successfully treated their water so that it is now safe to drink.

Homemade water purifiers can be easily made if the homeowner is willing to take a little time to do the job properly.

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