Best Water Purifiers

best water purifiers

Top 10 Water Purifier Manufacturers

Founded in 1999, Aquasana specializes in manufacturing water purification systems for household use. Aquasana’s products are sold online and through natural product retailers. The company’s line of award-winning filtration products includes whole-house filters, shower filters, and counter-top and under-counter filters for drinking water. Aquasana’s filtration systems use a combination of carbon, ion-exchange resins, and sub-micron filtration to remove chlorine, lead, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical contamination, and water-borne pathogens. Aquasana’s products received positive media publicity, including a feature on the Dr. Oz show.

Brita is privately-owned company based in Germany. In 1966, inventor Heinz Hankammer developed a revolutionary process for improving the quality and health benefits of common tap water. The company, which is named after Hankammer’s daughter Brita, first used their filtration technology to desalinate water for car batteries. Today, Brita is one of the most recognized manufacturers of household water purifiers. Brita’s filters combine granular activated charcoal and de-ionization beads to remove metals, hard water minerals, and solids that have an ionic charge.

Crystal Clear
Based in Virginia, Crystal Clear has been one of the leading water purifier manufacturers for over 40 years. Crystal Clear’s RainSoft system is a whole-house purifier that selectively softens water, removes minerals, and chlorine. The unique targeted system develop by Crystal Clear treats only the problems associated with each home’s water source. In addition to whole-house ion-exchange systems, Crystal Clear also offers reverse osmosis filters.

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Established in 1936, Culligan is one of the oldest water treatment and filtration manufacturers in the world. Today, the company’s products are sold in over 90 countries through a network of more than 800 independent franchises. For seven decades, Culligan has been at the forefront of the water treatment industry. Technology developed by Culligan has set an industry standard that all other water treatment products are measured against. Culligan currently offers a wide range of water softeners, whole house filtration systems, and drinking water filters. The company’s shower head filters and purifying pitchers are also sold through mainstream retailers.

Founded in 1933, Everpure has manufactured water purification systems for the military and some the world’s largest companies. For more than 70 years, Everpure has developed high-tech filtration systems that selectively remove contaminants. Everpure’s unique Micro-Pure coating captures six times more chlorine and particulate matter compared to competing systems. The company’s 7NE filter is designed to elevate water pH to prevent corrosion and protect plumbing and equipment. Everpure’s under-counter and reverse osmosis systems have been featured on Good Morning America, NBC, and HGTV.

General Ecology
Founded in the early 1970s, General Ecology manufacturers some of the most respected filtration systems, including the Seagull IV, Aquapolish, and many others. Before groundwater contamination was widely understood, research and development engineer Richard Williams partnered with scientists at the California Institute of Technology, Berkley, UC Davis, and the Max Planck Institute to develop advanced filtration solutions. Today, General Ecology sells permanent home filtration systems as well as portable filters for outdoor recreation. Although General Ecology specializes in manufacturing point-of-use water purifiers for residential applications, their systems have also been used by commercial airlines, government agencies, and non-profit aid groups.

In 2004, PUR sold their outdoor products division to Katadyn as part of its buy-out by Proctor and Gamble. Katadyn specializes in manufacturing water purifiers and desalination systems for the recreational market. Using a combination of carbon and ceramic filters, Katadyn produces a wide range of portable purification systems for solo recreationists and groups. The renewable ceramic filter can purify up to 100,000 liters of water. Katadyn’s system effectively removes protozoa, bacteria, and water-borne pathogens. Ceramic elements can also be added onto the company’s carbon-filtration water bottles to create an individual purified water source. Micropur water purification tablets, which have been used in and emergency relief and third-world aid packages, are also manufactured by Katadyn.

Proctor and Gamble subsidiary, PUR is one of the leading manufacturers of household filtration devices. PUR is sold at grocery stores, home improvement retailers, and drugstores. The company’s products include in-line filtration systems, faucet-mount filters, purifying pitchers, water dispensers, and flavoring devices. To reduce heavy metals, pharmaceutical contamination, and water-borne pathogens, PUR uses two and three-stage activated carbon filters that combine natural filtering minerals with a sediment trapping layer.

Developed in 1999, the SteriPEN uses the newest water purification technology. In seconds, the hand-held, fully-portable, UV device sanitizes water. Ultraviolet rays effectively remove bacteria, protozoa, and microorganisms that cause water-borne illness. Within two years of entering the market, SteriPEN was named as one of the best inventions of 2001 by Time Magazine. SteriPEN’s patented device has been used by the recreational hobbyists as well as government, military, and humanitarian agencies.

Watts Premier
Founded in 1989, Watts Premier is one of the leading water purifier manufacturers. Using patented technology, Watts has developed a series of affordable, high-tech filtration systems. Watts offers a full range of water purification products, including water softeners, whole-house systems, and under-counter filters. The company’s flagship product is their five-stage, reverse osmosis filtration system. Watts Premier uses a combination of carbon filter media and an advanced composite membrane to mechanically purify water without using chemicals.

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