Pureit Water Purifiers

It is vitally important to be able to drink pure and filtered water void of mineral, bacteria, and viruses that can make us sick. Cities try to make it easier to gain access to filtered water in our homes¬†and daily lives. However, its not always a reality and sometimes in the wilderness or in less developed nations it’s nearly impossible to find fresh, clean drinking water.


More than one billion people do not have access to drinkable water and nearly 80% of the world’s diseases are water-related illnesses. Four billion episodes of disease are caused by water-borne bacteria and 2.2 million deaths annually can be attributed to these causes. Boiling water takes a long time, requires either electricity or a lot of patience, and tastes terrible. By using a water purifier, you take out all the visible and invisible dirt and bacteria found in unfiltered water, giving you all the minerals and nutrients your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

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Pureit Water Purifiers

Pureit is a water purifier manufactured by Hindustan Unilever and sold in India, where finding clean drinking water for the low-income population has long been a problem. Many towns and villages don’t have access to drinkable water and local governments do little to help. In India alone, over 400,000 deaths have been attributed to water diseases and diarrhoeal disease. Therefore, homeowners need to be able to purchase a water purifier system to both make quality water and to avoid the hassle of boiling water every time its necessary. The company was formed in the Indian city of Chennai in 2005 and became a national player in the industry by 2008. It’s tagline and claim is that its water is ‘as safe as boiled water’.

Pureit water purifiers use a three step filtration process to remove harmful bacteria and dirt from the water. First a microfibre mesh removes all of the visible dirt and sludge. Then, a compact carbon trap removes any lingering dirt, harmful parasites and pesticide residue. Next, Pureit’s unique Germkill Action Processor uses ‘programmed chlorine release technology’ to kill 100% of the germs, bacteria, and viruses present. Any residual chlorine is then removed to give the water a clean, odorless taste. The system is also equipped with a battery life indicator that flashes red to let you know when the Germkill processor is near the end of its life cycle and ready to replace its battery.

Size, and Other Alternatives

Each system weighs approximately four kilograms and holds up to 18 liters of water at a time. It doesn’t require any gas, electricity, plumbing, or running tap water. It’s guaranteed to work for up to two years after the date of packaging. Along with the Pureit machine, you will also need to purchase the Germkill kit regularly for maximum quality. The first kit comes free with purchase and lasts for about 1,500 liters. The machine itself is very stylish and you won’t be embarrassed to place it on your kitchen counter. The lower chamber where the clean water is collected is visible to let the user know when there is fresh water available.

There are many different alternatives to the Pureit water purifier. Many other top brands such as Kenmore, PUR, Aquasana, and Brita offer many water filtration systems ranging from simple filtered water pitchers you put in the refrigerator to advanced reverse osmosis machines that connect directly to the water line, filter it thouroughly, then store it until you are ready to use it. PUR filters connect straight to the faucet and filter the water immediately and in the temperature you prefer.

Potential Risks of Pureit Water Filtration Systems

There are a few negative aspects of the Pureit water purifier. The first and probably most important is that this system has never actually been approved by the EPA to achieve what it claims to. Several times the company has gone to battle in court over the claims and split the decisions. There are dozens of well-respected laboratories and science research institutions that have conducted their own research and found the purifier to be completely capable of making the water 100% pure, however the EPA remains unable to officially declare its approval. The next con is that it is currently only sold in India and only listed under Indian currency. It also doesn’t appear to currently be available in any other countries. Another con is that the machine is not very portable, making it difficult to take on vacations, camping trips, or any other type of trip away from the home.

Benefits of Pureit

Pureit offers the consumer a chance to request a free home demo, giving you a hands-on opportunity to try the product and see if it is something that will significantly help out. The request form is available on the company’s website. After the demo, you can then purchase the system you choose in either a red or black color. Also, be sure to read the customer feedback and check other review sites to be sure that this is a product for you.

The company also offers a unique pedestal available in matching Pureit purifier body colors to offer a cleaner appearance on your counter as well as lifting the machine up so that you can simply place a glass on the counter in front of the machine to fill it rather than holding it. It’s also possible to purchase additional micro-fiber mesh filters if the original get torn or damaged. It’s highly suggested that you disassemble the machine every once in a while to make sure all the pieces are clean and in working order.

If you have more questions there is a customer call center available at any time as well as to mark you down to receive a free home demo of the product with no liability to purchase.

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