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Swiss-based Katadyn is the world-leader for personal and portable water purification systems and desalinators. For over 80 years, Katadyn has developed high-tech filtration technology using the most innovative methods. Since the 1930’s Katadyn’s ceramic filter elements have been distributed from their headquarters in Switzerland. Katadyn’s advanced water purifiers are used by special forces and relief agencies all around the world.

katadyn water filters

Today, Katadyn offers a full range of water purification systems ranging from the only approved water purification bottle to ceramic filters capable of producing water for twenty people. To meet the needs of hobbyists, backpackers, and professional outdoor tour groups, Katadyn has water purification systems to suit every budget and application.

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  • Micropur Tablets
    In 2001, Katadyn bought PUR’s Outdoor division as well as the company EXstream. As part of the acquisition, Katadyn became the owner of the Micropur brand of water purification tablets. Micropur is one of the only brands on the market to use chlorine dioxide, which is the same purifying agency used by municipal water treatment systems. Micropur tablets are sold in 20 and 30-tablet packs for about $12 to $18 respectively. Each tablet treats approximately one quart of water. Unlike iodine-based tablets, Micropur eliminates cryptosporidium and doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Filtering Water Bottles
    The MyBottle and EXstream personal water purifiers are the bottle filtration systems registered with the EPA. Katadyn’s revolutionary personal water purification system contains an integrated three-stage ViruStat filter that uses a combination of activated charcoal, iodine-impregnated resin, and a plastic micro-filter to effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Katadyn’s purifying water bottles retail for under $50 and replacement cartridges cost between $25 and $35. Depending on the water quality, each filter has a capacity of 26 gallons before components require replacing.
  • Katadyn Mini
    Intended for solo hikers and adventurers, the Katadyn Mini offers the performance and high-capacity of ceramic filtration with an unprecedented compact design. The pump-operated Katadyn Mini removes all particles larger than .2 microns, including algae, sediment, bacteria, and more than 99.9% of Klebsiella terrienga, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. The unique ceramic filter embedded with silver naturally destroys bacteria and protozoa. High-capacity ceramic filters can process over 1,500 gallons before requiring replacement. The Katadyn Mini retails for under $100 and replacement filters cost approximately $50. As part of Katadyn’s Ultralight Series, the Mini is designed to fit in a coat pocket or waist-mount pack.
  • Base Camp Microfilter
    Unlike Katadyn’s pump filters that require arm-power and stamina, the Base Camp Microfilter is gravity powered. The large filter reservoir holds over two and one-half gallons of water that is filtered on demand through the gravity-fed valve and output hose. The AntiClog HikerPRO cartridge removes bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. The high-capacity filter is designed to purify 200 gallons of water, which makes it great for purifying cooking water and refilling hydration bladders. Depending on the water quality, the filter lifespan and filtering time maybe reduced. The Base Camp Microfilter costs approximately $69 plus $39 for each replacement filter.
  • Hiker and HikerPRO
    Katadyn’s Backcountry Series is based around the Hiker and HikerPRO Microfilter models. Hiker and HikerPRO are designed to supply water for one or two people. The lightweight design makes the model practical for hiking and backpacking without adding extra baggage. To simplify the filling and pumping process, the user-friendly HikerPRO includes a bottle adapter. The standard Hiker model retails for approximately $65 and the HikerPRO costs approximately $80. For the ultimate flexibility, the Hiker pump filter uses the same element as the Base Camp model.
  • Vario
    For families and groups of one to four people, Katadyn’s Vario pump filter can be one of the most economical choices. The unique Vario model has a side pump, instead of a vertical pump, and uses an advanced three stage filtration system that includes glass-fiber, activated charcoal, and if necessary a ceramic pre-filter to extend the life of the other filter components. The Vario hooks directly to wide-mouth sports bottles and most flexible hydration bladders. Depending on the manual pumping speed, the Vario can filter up to two liters per minute. The advanced Vario water purification system retails for approximately $90. Due to the multi-stage filtration process, each component can be replaced independently. Glass-fiber filters have a capacity of more than 500 gallons and cost approximately $40 to replace. Activated charcoal has a short life, but the $10 replacement cost is affordable. The optional ceramic pre-filtration disc for cloudy water retails for around $15.
  • Katadyn Pocket
    The compact Katadyn Pocket is one of the most compact and durable high-capacity filtration devices. For dedicated hikers, backpackers, and groups of four people or less, the Pocket model is one of the most reliable choices for consistently pure water over a long period of time. Ceramic filters reduce radioactive matter and eliminate bacteria, parasites, viruses, and contaminants larger than .2 microns. In addition to being extremely reliable and long lasting, ceramic filters can be washed in the field to renew their filtration power. The durable metal body, which resembles a tank made by luxury car company, is covered by an unrivaled 20 year guarantee. The longevity of the Katadyn pocket comes at a cost of approximately $289 and replacement filters run about 179.95. Fortunately, the filter won’t need replacing for at least 10,000 gallons.
  • Katadyn Expedition
    Used by international aid organizations and professional outdoor tour companies, Katadyn’s Expedition is the ultimate water purification system. Using a pump-driven ceramic filter, the Expedition removes all types of water-borne pathogens from more than 25,000 gallons of water. The high-capacity Expedition has an output of one gallon per minute. For large groups of up to twenty people, the Katadyn Expedition is the ultimate solution for removing bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and pathogens that cause water-borne illness. The industrial-quality Expedition costs approximately $1,200. Replacement filters made from microporous ceramic embedded with silver cost of approximately $200, which is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of the pump housing.

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